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Staircases In The Interior – Do Stairs Proud Of Their Home Interior

Stairs not only performs a very important function, which is the connection between the levels of a house or apartment, but it also can become a real decoration of the interior, a kind of “calling card” of your home. Staircases in the interior are relevant in almost any style because modern materials allow realizing almost any design solution.

If you take care of the development of the project, take account of all structural and stylistic features of the house, you can ensure that the stairs will be a great decoration of the interior, which also carries a very important function.

Depending on the device, the material and method of manufacture, design and technical characteristics of the stairs are divided into many species, which allows you to choose the perfect solution for your home.

The fact that some stair design will blend in perfectly with virtually any finishing materials, While others are more whimsical and used only within a well-defined style.

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For example, a wrought-iron staircase looks great both in the environment of natural materials (wood, glass, stone, and ceramics) and in a stylistic decision with plastic and other artificial materials. Similar designs are attracted designers for its fantastic versatility. Wrought iron staircase will perfectly fit in a variety of styles, ranging from classical and baroque, ending hi-tech and modern.

Stairs in the interior: designer tips on how to choose the design of a certain style:

To staircase perfectly fit into the interior of your home must first understand what types of structures exist and what styles they will be the most harmonious look. Depending on the device, there are two types of Stairs: Screw and boosters, with both options, have several subspecies.

Open Staircases In The Interior:

This design is best installed in a spacious room because it takes up little space. However, large size, fully justified due to the ease of use and serious appearance.

At the same time, there are not only direct variable, but also rotate or separate sites that allow you to create some design configurations. Thus, the stairway can be straight, swing, and have L-shaped, T-shaped or U-shaped. Moreover, they are different types of fixing:

  • Attachments
  • Massive
  • On The Frame
  • Combined

Spiral Staircases In The Interior:

The room with a staircase becomes an amazing appearance. A simple device allows these compact installations to hold a minimum of storage space. They consist of support such stairs, vertical posts (balusters) and handrails.

The variety of materials and colors allow you to make a stair that will fit perfectly into any interior. However, most often it is made of metal, wood, and glass. Often used and ceramic or natural stone, or combine different materials.

So, if you want to fill the room atmosphere of lightness and weightlessness, there is no better solution than glass stair treads not think. In this railing can be made of wood, aluminum, and balusters. Tn design became more airy and elegant, decorate it built uprights white.

Note that the spiral staircase in darker colors will look much more massive, but in contrast with the bright background of the walls and ceiling of such a structure becomes an active element of the interior. At the same time, it will need the support of any decorative elements, such as paintings, furniture or curtains.

Stone spiral staircase now a great they are more like a massive structure. Thus more support for them is not pillars and walls of the room directly. This massive staircase will be a real decoration of the room, decorated in the new style, Baroque, classic and modern. Magnificent frame similar design will be wrought iron railings. Moreover, they can be manufactured not only stainless steel, but also noble metals such as brass or bronze. Focusing on the fact that independent production of these stairs is better not to engage in the correct solution would be to entrust this work to professionals who have the necessary knowledge and skills.


Glass Stairs In The Interior:

This design if specially designed for modern styles such as, hi-tech. Also, it will look great as part of an ultra-modern minimalist.

The transparent material fills the room easily, but looks a little cold. In this special shine different glass stairs, in compositions which also use stone and metal.

Stairs In The Interior Hall:

Stairs indoors installed mainly in the living room or the lobby. Let’s look at how it will affect the interior of the premises.

With the help of a stair, you can add the volume of the hall and make it lighter, as paradoxical as it may seem. Pay attention to the bottom photo. White staircase drastically transformed the small hall of the mansion, with thanks to the wide top openings room visually increased and became airier. With the help of a designer, unpretentious wooden structure managed in a single entity to combine several elements of the room. As you can see, thanks to the successful placement and appearance of the stairs, floor, doors, and arches are played in the same vein.

Staircase In The Interior Of The Living Room:

Stairs like no other piece of furniture able to tie together the various pieces of furniture. Moreover, it works fine and provocative function, acting as a bridge between the rooms, decorated in different styles.

Note the white spiral staircase, which is like a bizarre snake writhing on the living room walls. This room without it would look quite banal and boring, but it is a striking staircase accent the room, unwittingly attracting the admiring glances of the guests in this house. She adds vitality room, filling it with the element of surprise.

Only a skillful designer with the power of place and decorate the design in such a way that it is inseparable from the interior of the room. Qualified specialists of our company TheStairCompanyUk.Co.UK are ready to answer all your questions regarding the sale of stairs, on the phone in Sheffield.

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