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Receding Gums and Tooth pain Treatment Naturally At Home

Tooth pain is a discomfort and soreness around or within the tooth which indicates the possibility of the presence of an abscess. This is an infection that reaches the chamber pulp of the tooth where blood vessels and nerve endings are located. This causes excruciating that paralyzes even the way we drink and eat. Receding gums treatment naturally. Worse, many of us are scared of visiting the dentist or just cannot afford it. Knowing the different cause of this tooth pain how you can stop receding gums and a toothache is of paramount importance. As this pain can strike at any given time, this allows you to provide yourself immediate yet affordable relief.

Causes Of Receding Gums And Tooth Problems

The main cause of tooth problems is tooth decay. This is the result when the numerous bacteria in the mouth produce and excretes acid that infects and destroys the tooth enamel. This in turn leads to the accumulation of cavities, which causes pain in the tooth. When tooth decay is ignored and remained untreated can cause the root of the tooth to be exposed. These roots are very sensitive especially when contacted with sour, cold or hot foods which can lead to tooth pain. Injuries on the tooth may also cause tooth pain. A strong blow on your mouth or if you have done forceful biting on some hard food or object, this may cause your tooth to crack. The cracked in the tooth results in severe tooth pain.

Also one of the most common causes of tooth pain is gum diseases also known as periodontal. This is an infection of the tissues as well as the bones that are supporting your teeth. That plaque in our tooth is one favorite home of many bacteria, and their growth eventually leads to this kind of infection. Serious infection leads to inflamed gums, pain on the tooth and worst, tooth loss. Another source of tooth pain is the wisdom tooth. This resulted when the bacterial infection impacts this tooth. There are also non-dental causes of tooth pain such as ear infection, sinus, and others.

Receding Gums and Tooth pain Treatment naturally At Home

There are several natural ways on how to stop a toothache. First, it is suitable that you wash your mouth with salted water. You can dissolve a teaspoonful of salt in lukewarm water to make a mouth rinse. When you swish it around your mouth can loosen those trapped particles in the cavity, and it can effectively dehydrate those bacteria thereby eliminating the pain. If the pain is so severe, you may also try gargling a small amount of liquor such as whiskey, brandy or vodka and let the affected area be soaked on it for few minutes. Spit it out after and you will experience lesser pain.

Numbing is another way to cure the pain of infected tooth. You can effectually do this by using a cold compress. Get some ice and wrapped it in a clean cloth and pace it on the cheek where the affected tooth is. Keep it in contact for at least 20 minutes. Remove it and leave the area for ten minutes before putting the compress back. Normally, this should be done for an hour to help ease the pain.

Hand massage is actually one great way to eliminate the pain caused by an infected tooth. You can take an ice cube and gently massage in that V shape area in between your thumb and your forefinger. Perform the massage for at least five minutes, and you will slowly notice the diminution of the pain. This works because the pressure points that you run to when you do the massage are the same path that is being used by the tooth pain. When you do hand massage, the signals outweighs those pain signals which helps in avoiding those pain even for just a while.

There are also numerous spices in the kitchen which will surely eliminate the pain. If you have clove, garlic or onion, you can crush any of this and apply it directly on the tooth cavity. These spices have their own natural analgesic content that helps in significantly dulling the pain. You may also use the extracts of almond, vanilla, or lemon. You can mash this and juiced it. Get cotton balls and soaked in any of these extracts and apply it just over the infected tooth. Having oregano oil and tea tree oils will also be very helpful. Just saturate the cotton on this oil and swab it around the gums of the tooth.

The coolness of a slice of cucumber and lime are another kitchen item that can stop a toothache. Simply get a wedge of any of the two and bite it on the tooth for a couple of minutes. Beware, however, if these were refrigerated as your tooth may be hyper-sensitive. Bring it first to room temperature before you apply it. But if you do not have a sensitivity problem, you might as well benefit from it soothing relief.

Receding Gums Treatment Naturally

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