Oct 20

Print SMS From Android Tips

Printing SMS from Android devices is gradually becoming more popular. Mobile phones used to have the same objective as provided by fixed telephones, but the difference is, these are portable. Over time, cell phones began to receive additional options that fixed phones are not able to get because these features could not be applied to them.

The mobile phone has come vibration, voice dialing, games, putting the background, color screens, cameras, file managers, and even applications. It was a time when mobile phones are gradually becoming more and more out of what was their original intention. Ultimately, the man realized that his home computer should put in his pocket. Today’s Android phones and tablets the same as computers. The fact is that they are not so powerful but extremely portable, which can be used for everything, you can do with a computer – including printing.

With the advent of growing technology for printing based on the cloud, printers and applications that support cloud printing on your Android phone and tablet no longer belongs to the field of science fiction. In this short article, you will read how to print SMS from your Android phone and tablet directly.


Connecting the printer with Google Cloud Print

Some printers allow you to print from your Android phone or tablet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB connection. Do not worry, even if your printer does not support it, you can register your printer to Google Cloud Print, technology, and service that allows connecting the printer to the Internet, also allows your printer to become available regardless of location. Moreover, you can even make the printer available to your friends or print documents directly from your mobile device.

Google Cloud Print works with most printers. To make things even better, Google is always expanding the list of printers that support the cloud and are compatible with Google Cloud Print.

If your printer is a bit older and has no cloud functions, it is not an obstacle because it can connect with Google Cloud Print from your computer. For this you just need a Google account and Google Chrome browser installed.

Printing from your Android phone or tablet

For this, you will need Google’s official Cloud Print app. Through Cloud Print, you can print any website. You just need to open the Android browser, tap the Menu while Share and finally select Cloud Print. Now you can print a Web page to any of your printers you registered on Cloud Print, or if the Internet browser of your tablet or phone has the option of printing, then you can directly send the Web page to your printer via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB.

Printing SMS from Gmail

As for the printing SMS messages with Gmail, Google’s Gmail app for Android has an option that allows printing SMS emails. Fortunately, this is not a problem because the e-mails can be printed, if you access your Gmail account through a Web browser application. In the browser, open the message from Gmail, tap the arrow to discover more options and choose Print. Then you will be directed to the Google Cloud Print to mail printed.


Other applications for printing

In addition to the official Google applications, several other applications for mobile printing is available on the Play Store, including application such as:

  • Print SMS From Android

Print SMS App

Print SMS app performing the same function as Google’s official app can do. This application can print SMS message, you can scan documents and then print. You will have access to Dropbox and Box files, files with Google Drive, pictures from Facebook, attachments with Gmail, Google Calendar events and all can print directly within the application itself.

Print SMS app also uses Google’s Cloud Print service to connect your printer and Android devices through the cloud. You can print your contacts, calendar, images, web pages, text messages, call log, messages from Gmail, files with Google Docs and other documents.

Print SMS from Android has become easier thanks to Google Cloud Print and free Print SMS app. You can easily print your SMS data and files from your Android devices with these technologies and services.

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