Jan 19

DPF Delete Kits – Best For Your Truck Mileage

DPF Delete and removal is becoming a much sought after service as more and more people fall victim to the limitations of this technology. Big Rig Power Owntheroad.ca is a leading company of vehicle tuning service provider in Edmonton, Canada and around the world offer a comprehensive range of Tuning, DPF removal, DPF delete, and DPF replacement services.


FAP or Diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a unit designed to take away diesel-powered particles or smoke out of exhaust fuel of a diesel motor. It functions by trapping the diesel debris in the filter and can under certain conditions carry out a “regeneration” cycle. It is controlled by the vehicle engine management system (ECU) when during the regeneration process, the trapped debris are burned off and blown out of the exhaust. While the DPF system is an excellent idea in theory, but practically DPF system usually gets clogged, which brings about significant issues for many vehicle owners. The worst affected are the lower mileage drivers because the DPF system doesn’t get a chance to get up to the temperature to regenerate. As a result, the DPF ultimately becomes so clogged that it may no longer be restored.

Once a DPF filter has reached the stage where it can no longer be restored the only options are complete replacement with a new filter. Since the filter isn’t a necessity for MOT test there is various other permanent solution for several vehicles (eliminate the DPF and remap the vehicles ECU to remove the DPF code) – this is commonly known as DPF delete.


As more and more people become aware of the potential time bomb, DPF’s represent, having a DPF is no longer a selling point especially for cars that are no longer in warranty.

Big Rig Power Owntheroad.ca offers both replacement DPF systems at budget friendly rates and increasing the DPF removal option, which is a permanent fix to the problem.

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