Jul 01

Diesel Engine Fuel optimization using Diesel Fuel Injectors

Major difference between a Diesel and a Gas engine is the injection process. Fuel Injectors are of two types;

1)  Carburetor

2) Port Injector

Carburetor :

Carburetor is a place within the engine where the air and fuel are mixed in an internal combustion engine. While, Port Injectors are outside the cylinder and injects fuel prior to intake stroke. We call this process Fuel optimization.


The basic design mechanism of diesel fuel system has;

  • The fuel supply line
  • An intake valve
  • An exhaust valve
  • The fuel injection apparatus

There are cylinders which are attached to its supply line. When Fuel passes through filter and goes lines to the injector which is attached with cylinder. The fuel in injector is highly pressurized so diesel fuel is sprayed into the. The intake valves suck air in the cylinder and the diesel engine system looks at optimizing fuel and air. Modern diesel injectors are extremely sophisticated. These injectors are computer regulated. Both injection timing and fuel quantity are electronically controlled completely.

Direct  Diesel fuel injectors

Diesel engines use the direct injectors  that are  deliver fuel efficiently. Drawback of diesel fuel injectors is when the compression is too high, It can causes Knocking which can severely damage the engine. Loud noise is another  problem associated with direct diesel fuel injectors.

ECM Tuning

ECM Tuner Kit  with simple do-it-yourself instructions  has all necessary coolant lines, block-out plates and gaskets necessary modules to eliminate your emission problems.

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Glow Plug :

There are some diesel engines that contain a component known as Glow Plug. Glow plugs are used in smaller engines. These glow plugs check if the compression is not too high. Glow plugs also prevent fuel from being ignited.

Larger diesel engines use ECM, which have the ability to sense the air temperature and sprays the fuel when the engine gets too cold. This facilitates the engine to start without trouble.