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Nov 08

Staircases In The Interior – Do Stairs Proud Of Their Home Interior


Stairs not only performs a very important function, which is the connection between the levels of a house or apartment, but it also can become a real decoration of the interior, a kind of “calling card” of your home. Staircases in the interior are relevant in almost any style because modern materials allow realizing almost …

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Jun 03

Decorative Plaster Cornice & Ceiling Roses

Pic 14

Architecture is all about painting, photography and sculpture. Perhaps it is more interested in being useful to other artistic representations, but the design and aesthetics are equally important at all. One of the great examples of how the design meets featured in architecture is the ledge. This stylistic addition has been available since ancient times …

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Apr 20

Staircases Sheffield – Types, Materials & Elements


Stairs can be a very complex, both in their structure and in their style. That is why there is a great variety of models, a wide range allowing people to find the structure of their dreams, regardless of their budget. Contemporary Staircases will be fitted with elements ensuring the safety of users, without losing side …

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